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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

When its Time to Close a Project, Close it

It's in the best interest of the project, its sponsor, the team and the business to close a project when work is delivered and value is realized. I have come across several instances where the client feels the urge to keep the project open for one reason or another. Here are common cases where project teams keep the project open.

  • Waiting for a new feature in a future COTS product release
  • Few minor defects not fuly resolved
  • Extra funds are available
  • It will be hard to get approvals for a new project
  • No guarantees that team members will be available in the future
None of these reasons are legitimate reasons to keep a project open. Open projects are like potholes, they only accumulate trouble until they get out of control and then need a complete removal and replacement with a new project. If the business value has been delivered, close it, move on and start a new one if needed when the time comes.

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