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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Speak Up

Ever been in a meeting when someone is presenting a topic, or making a statement and then the discussion goes on, towards the end the facilitator asks if there are any questions or comments, and its all silence. Ten minutes after the meeting is over the complaints starting roaming around on emails and phone calls. People whining and complaining about that idea that was thrown out there, or that comment that was made in the meeting. Sounds familiar? So how does a project manger handle office rumors, perceptions, she said, he dictated. It's simpler than it seems, just speak up.

Speak up on calls, that is why we have them. to share your points and opinions and be heard. Otherwise keep your peace forever and do not complain off-line.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

A Framework for Enterprise Portfolio Management

It's all about chosen the right set of initiatives and project to deliver the needed value at the right time and with the right investment. In Systems Architecture lingo its the optimum validated design, in stock manager lingo it a balanced nest. In the early 2000s I wrote extensively on value proposition and value management, the diagram below illustrate the position of value management across the grand scheme of things. Enjoy

Monday, March 26, 2018

ETL Move to Production Considerations

Extract, Transport and Load (ETL) work is a common method to connect systems using manual or scheduled batch jobs. Blow are common items worth considering when building an ETL and turning it over to your operations team. We holding knowledge transfer meetings the items below are usually of most importance.


Functional description

Batch / Automated Job Names

Frequency / Timings of Batch Jobs

Potential Errors

Error Handling

Exception Handling

Escalation Path


Interface Names

Server / System Names

ETL Tool Version / Vendor Support

Security Parameters

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Project Governance Transitioning

Ocassionally project managers transition out from a project due to relocation to another business area, termination or incompatiable skill set. So what are some of the items that the new project manager needs to check and receive from the departing project manager? The list below is what I have found the most important artifacts to enable a smooth transition.
  • Project charter
  • Latest status report
  • Open items punch list / issue list
  • Progress Map (where does the project fit on the lifecycle of a typical project)
  • Team / Stakeholder roster
  • Approvals Matrix (list of approvers and evidence of approvals
Both departing and onboarding project managers should schedule a meeting to review these pieces of information, and then a followup meeting with the stakeholder to ensure all expectations are clear.