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Monday, March 26, 2007

Systems Engineers Don't Only Engineer Technology Systems

That is true... Almost all industries and discplines need system engineers, simply due to the fact that everyone needs something.

Traditionally we are used to seeing systems engineers working in the defense sector to define requirements for the next state-of-the-art missle, or at a high-tech firm developing and trackign requirements for the seemless e-commerce application.

Masjids, churches and synagouges need system engineers to articulate the needs of their congregations, define priorities and ensure that requirements add value. Schools need to develop effiecient operational systems, retail stores need to streamline their sales, and the list goes on...

Just like the following list of items could be marketed.. they could also be system engineered...

Goods - Technology products, consumer products, commercial products, etc...

Services - B2B, B2C, C2C (yeah myspace, blogs, etc..), C2B (resume websites, etc..), professional, educational, security, etc... the list services never ends

Events - Yes events which are complex could require the art of engineering

Experiences - Ever heard of Opera Aida..

Persons - We can market persons, can we system engineer a person.. sure we can define requirements for that person to reach certain goals.. we call that also coaching, mentoring, training, and many other things ...

Places - Engineer a downtown...

Properties - Engineer the Pyramids

Organizations - Build a non-profit systematically.. yes that also is systems engineering

Information - Indeed.. that is what we call IT system engineers...

Ideas - System engineers make not only great inventors because of their holistic views and ability to identify gaps, but also.. great value initiators .. very similiar to marketing slogans..

"Everyone can benefit from a little System Engineering"
Ayman Nassar

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