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Monday, March 26, 2007

Is that What Your Client Really Needs?

Customers need a lot of things, in most cases they do not realize what they need. However we can usually group a customer's need into these 5 areas:

1. A stated need - I need a box of cereal
2. Real need - I need something healthy to eat quickly in the morning
3. Unstated need - I expect to find the cereal box easily and quickly
4. Delight need - If the cereal will allow me to add fresh raisens and banannas all the better
5. Secret need - Got to show off infront of my wife and tell her I got it on sale 3 for price of 1

An experienced system engineer can sense and identify the needs 2 - 5, and bring them out to the client for verification -- this is where value is added.

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