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Monday, May 16, 2011

High Performance Teams: Got What it Takes?

Effective teams exhibit and embed in their daily activities several key elements of:
  • Trust and openness
  • Common purpose
  • Clear roles
  • Effective processes
  • Clear expectations
  • Leadership acceptance

Does your teams have these? Share with me your experiences in inculcating these elements into your team. What worked and what did not?


Fil Salustri said...

"inculcating"? Really? Inculcation is NOT how you make effective teams. Inculcating is how you make zombies who regurgitate what The Manual says.

Ayman Nassar said...

Dealing with humans is a very complex task, complexity stems from the fact that the human mind is very unknown to us, and we lack deep understanding of many areas of human psychology, hence coaching teams will require a case by case experience, there is no one way to instill these team building values into your team members.