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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tools Alone Produce Fools

Managing a project or defining a complex system requires the knowledge and skills of appropriate methodologies and processes to realize the objectives. An individual who only knows how to use a project management tool (see selected list of tools in the sidebar), but lacks the understanding of the iterative and progressive nature of projects and how to manage the different processes within each phase will not be able to lead a successful project.

There is a big difference between developing a schedule that works and a schedule that looks good in a tool. Expert project managers need nothing more than a pencil and sheet of paper to lead a project. Tools help automate calculations and enable updates and corrections easily, allow tracking of changes and ensure a controlled environment that is agile and flexible. Tools do not defie methodologies, approaches, strategies, or plans. Tools do not execute, monitor or control and tools do not communicate, coach, inspire, motivate and collaborate. Only project managers do.

Are your pencils sharpened?

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