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Friday, April 03, 2009

High Availability Systems Failure

Does your business require availability capabilities? In today's complex business landscape and the demand for high accountability and transparency, high availability becomes a basic requirement in operations, information access and decision-making.

Interestingly most high availability environments that fail are unable to deliver the expected results no because of technology immaturity, but mostly due to poor management and oversight. A publicly known example is the State of Texas data loss as a result of invalid checks and balances and inappropriate technical management. In this particular case according to the article in the Dallas Morning News IBM has been fined $5.4 million. Of that, $2.7 million was for failing to resolve problems quickly and $1.2 million was for server outages. Data backup breaches, missed mail deadlines and taking more than 15 minutes to respond to serious incidents accounted for the rest, according to department records released this week.

Next time you implement a high availability solution, do not get fooled by the latest server technology, data backup system or disaster recovery tools. A high availability technology with a staff member who can not use it makes it useless.

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