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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

NSBE - Project Management Essentials

Please use this area for questions that you might have in any of the following areas,

1. Project defintions
2. Project life-cycle phases
3. Project integration
4. Project communication
5. Project risk management
6. Other topics we covered

You can access soft-copies of the workshop handouts and other references at this link (authorization required)

1 comment:

Ayman Nassar said...

I uploaded 4 files to the course directory.

1. AoA Handbook - A reference on Analysis of Alternatives (AoAHandbook.pdf)

2. Guidebook to Decision-Making Methods - An Overview of various methods for making decisions (Guidebook_2002.pdf)

3. A Sample Outline for an SOW for a Helpdesk upgrade (SOW_SAMPLE.pdf)

4. The DOD Integrated Project Management Handbook - Has some good concepts in it (IntegratedProjectManagementHandbook.pdf)