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Saturday, September 23, 2006

N squared Chart Methods

An interesting systematic method for analyzing interfaces, has been around for a while, but very powerful.

Key points:
1. A function is defined as a black box
2. Inputs are always vertical from top or bottom
3. Output are always horizontal from left or right

Soon we will discuss how to apply N2 to a social service organization.. Say tuned..

1 comment:

Ayman Nassar said...

There are a number of good references that discuss N2 methods, here are a few,

1. Ofri Becker, Joseph Ben-Asher and Ilya Acherman, "A Method for System Interface Reduction Using N2 charts".

2. R. J. Lano, "The N2 chart", System and Software Requirements Engineering, pp. 244-271, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1990.

3. Sage and Rouse, "Handbook of Systems Engineering and Management", page 1021, John Wiley, 1999

4. Dennis Buede, "The Engineering Design of Systems", Wiley Interscience, pp. 338-339, 2000.