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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Getting Capable

Institutions vary widely in their capabilities to achieve their mission. You could find two organizations in the exact same line of business, with very similar strategies and business drivers, yet very different results due to the differences in their capabilities. Lets take an example of two airlines. Both airlines share the same mission, transporting humans across the globe safely and in an enjoyable manner. Airline A always takes off on time, lands on time and does not lose luggage. Airline B always takes off late and loses luggage.

Their business requirement is the same, yet their outcomes are very different, which is due to differences in their capabilities.

A capability is a realized requirement, it could also be said that a capability is a business requirement added to some value acquisition process. The value acquisition process should span the entire enterprise to ensure that is picked from all strengths of the enterprise and also did not bring along any unnecessary baggage.

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