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Thursday, July 16, 2009

10 Attributes of a Learning Oganization

Communications is a key component of effective leadership. Leaders don't sit in their offices behind their desk, they are out in the field dealing with customers, suppliers, employees and other constituencies of their organization. This interaction between the leader and these other groups and individuals yields tremendous amounts of experience and knowledge. An organization which shares knowledge and learns from its members is a learning organization.

Learning organizations are characterized by the following:

1. Possess solid systems for communications among its members.
2. Knowledge and intellect is respected and appreciated.
3. Team work and collaboration is the norm.
4. Members consult one another on a continuous basis.
5. Members update others on a continuous basis.
6. Teams learn from past experiences, and mistakes are rarely repeated.
7. Information, knowledge storage and retrieval is efficient and effective.
8. Team members are accessible and known for their expertise, contributing to centers of competence.
9. Realizes continuous growth and innovation.
10. Encourages diversity and systems-based thinking.

Is your organization a learning one? How can you assess its learning capabilities?

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