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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Risk Management Through Coaching

To manage risks on a project we tend to follow various processes such as planning for risk management, conducting qualitative and quantitative analysis, and responding to risk. These processes include specific details such as the definition of a risk, risk triggers and thresholds, steps the team will take to identify risks, the classification and groups of risks, risk prioritization and many other little details. These processes work very well - when implemented correctly of course - and are successful in avoiding the negative consequences of a potential risk should it occur.

Besides these well known and understood project management, agility or systems engineering processes, coaching and mentoring is another powerful tool for risk management. Having another project manager as your coach allows you to get a fresh insight on project health and can hold you accountable in an informal manner to project goals and aspirations. Your coach acts as a friendly auditor and makes collaboration even fun.

Next time you manage a project don't forget to have a coach or buddy, whom you trust. You will not only gain some insights on your progress, but you will also be motivated to raise the bar.

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