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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Should Systems Engineers Study Psychology?

Given the fact that systems engineers deal with systems, and most systems comprise of a human element in it, it seems to make sens that systems engineers need to know a little about how people act.

Humans are very complex system components, they can be viewed as a system in themselves (human system), or even a system of systems (SoS) (digestive, neural, circulatory, psychological, muscular, etc..)

So maybe after all those biology classes we used to study in middle school do have some benefit to enterprise architecture. I guess systems engineers who are involved in soft system should study not only psychology, but maybe also other human systems of interest to the largest SoS.

I came across an interesting article at which discusses cognitive systems engineering, which is defined as, "A combination of psychology, anthropology, computer science, design and systems engineering, the field of cognitive systems engineering is the understanding and designing of systems that require human intellectual work".

Got to go dig those science books..

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