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Thursday, August 07, 2008

A New Buzzword in Town - Cloud Computing

So first it was Application Service Providers (ASPs) then Utility Computing and now comes Cloud Computing... It seems that every couple of years the industry needs a new set of buzzwords to keep the PR machine running.

Well there might be some slight differences between utility and cloud computing, but I would not really identify them as differences, I would just note them as the same with a slightly different scope. Instead of renting computing resources - utility computing - cloud computing rents applications and IT services.

So what is this cloud computing after all? Reading through various articles it seems to be nothing more than an application service provider hosting enterprise IT services for its clients. Its just technology improved from what was available in the mid-nineties, and vendor are looking for a way to get over the unsuccessful connotation of ASPs by relabeling the concept into cloud computing.

Some links on the topic from various trade rags for those interested:

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